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Grand Master Carlos Robson Gracie – “Jiu-Jitsu is…

…a message from God. A simple kimono grip has an extrasensory power. A choke contains such great power that even a skinny old man can perform it, and it doesn’t matter if the opponent is a strong guy. The move will work.”

This is one of my personal favorite definitions of Jiu-Jitsu from Master Renzo Gracie’s father.  Two important lessons that I take from this quote by Grand Master Carlos Robson Gracie are:

  1. the amount of leverage a smaller person can create with a proper grip;
  2. the emphasis on the choke as one of the all-time best choices for finishing a much stronger adversary.

As Grand Master Helio Gracie confirms, “I prefer chokes over joint locks, because a tough guy may keep fighting with a broken arm, but anyone who gets choked will go right to sleep.” (photo: Gustavo Aragão/Graciemag archives)